ZK Badges use cases
Being able to transfer your data privately between accounts open a very large spectrum of innovations! Here are some of the most obvious use cases.

Use case 1: Transfer data from a private wallet to a public wallet

  • Main wallet: Private, personal
    • I am a big user of Ethereum (1,000+ transactions)
    • My net worth is $10m
    • I hold some controversial NFT and Tokens
    • I voted “No” on some controversial DAO proposal
I will mint the Ethereum Power User ZK Badge only accessible by the top 0.1% of Ethereum users.
  • Public wallet: ENS wallet, shared on twitter
    • ENS name, public name
    • Strong conviction NFT and Tokens
    • Ethereum Power User ZK Badge
The Ethereum Power User ZK Badge is a proof, on my public wallet, that I am a big user of Ethereum. I managed to publicly signal my involvement in Ethereum without revealing my net worth or my controversial votes

Use case 2: Transfer data from a public wallet to an anon account

  • Doxxed wallet: ENS wallet
    • ENS with real name
    • Big delegate for a famous protocol, let’s say AAVE
I will mint a a Proof of Humanity ZK Badge to my anon wallet
  • Anon wallet: also public but anon
    • ENS with anon name
    • DAO Delegate ZK Badge
I managed to prove that my anon wallet is not just some bot but that there is an actual human behind it with some strong reputation.
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