Data Operators

Data Operators

Data Operators are helpers to create new Data Groups by combining existing ones.

Currently, there are 3 Data Operators:

  • Union: join multiples groups of data together

  • Intersection: take the intersection between 2 groups of data

  • Map: map values of a group data with another value

  • Aggregation: aggregate the value with multiples groups

const generator: GroupGenerator = {
  generationFrequency = GenerationFrequency.Weekly;
  generate: async (context: GenerationContext): Promise<GroupWithData[]> => {
    // retrieve the latest lens followers group
    const sismoFollowers = await groupStore.latest("sismo-lens-followers");
    // retrieve the latest masquerade followers group
    const masqueradeFollowers = await groupStore.latest(
    // Use the Interesection data operator to create a new group
    const sismoAndMasqueradeFollowers = dataOperators.Intersection(
    return [
        name: "sismo-and-masquerade-lens-followers",
        timestamp: context.timestamp,
        data: sismoAndMasqueradeFollowers,
        accountSources: [AccountSource.ETHEREUM],
        valueType: ValueType.Info,
        tags: [Tags.User, Tags.Lens, Tags.Web3Social],

export default generator;

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