Sismo API

GraphQL API for Sismo

You found the Sismo API documentation! Here, we aim to outline all of Sismo’s public API endpoints and explain how to use them.

The Sismo protocol makes use of data from both onchain and offchain sources. The Sismo API allows developers to fetch the data they need from either source. As the API is GraphQL-based, developers only fetch the data they request—with no unnecessary information.

The goal of the Sismo API is to aggregate the onchain & offchain information into two GraphQL endpoints—one for production networks (Ethereum, Polygon, & Gnosis) and the other for testnets (Goerli & Mumbai). Making these endpoints public makes it extremely easy for developers to build with Sismo—pathing the way for mass adoption.

We plan to continuously update this API and pack it with as many features as possible. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy using it!

Need help or have feedback? Check out #api-support on our Discord!

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