Frequently asked questions.
What to do if I am stuck with pending transactions on a fork network?
You can end up in this situation if you are following the onchain tutorial or the onchain sample project. If it is the case, you are unable to make any transaction work on your local chain, and you surely view this type of message on your MetaMask:
MetaMask connected to a locally forked Mumbai Testnet
Pending MetaMask transactions
To get rid of this issue, you will need to go to "Settings > Advanced > Clear activity tab data" while connected to the fork chain (so anvil node is still running).
MetaMask settings to clear activity tab data
You can then stop your anvil local node and the frontend of your application before relaunching the anvil node with yarn anvil and then your frontend with yarn dev. If you are still stuck with this restart, come ask your questions in our Discord in the #dev-support channel.