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What is Sismo?

Empowering digital identities with frictionless privacy-preserving logins on web3.
Sismo is a decentralized protocol that empowers digital identities and facilitates frictionless privacy-preserving logins on web3.
The protocol has three core components:
As a project, Sismo stands at the crossroads between digital identity, web3 social, and zero-knowledge technology.
Try out the protocol here:

Zero Knowledge

The Sismo protocol utilizes zero-knowledge technology—allowing users to privately curate their digital identities. Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) verify user claims without revealing how they are true. ZKPs, represented by ZK Badges, resemble private cookies that let users leverage their data across web3 seamlessly.

Modular & Interoperable

The protocol is entirely modular and interoperable—making Sismo a building block for others to integrate and enhance their applications with. Sismo aims to enable creativity by providing builders with the tools they need to innovate. Anyone can utilize components of the protocol to improve user privacy and UX.

Web3 Social Infrastructure

Sismo is particularly useful for gated services, reputation systems, and decentralized identity curation. When integrated into applications, Sismo acts as the underlying infrastructure for the emerging web3 social space. As Sismo is decentralized and open-source, neither users nor integrators are exposed to the risks inherent in centralized web2 infrastructure.

Build with Sismo

Are you passionate about decentralized identity systems or a project looking to enhance user privacy and UX?
Join the Sismo Discord to learn more about the protocol and start contributing today.
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