Technical Concepts

Understand Sismo's underlying technical concepts.
This section is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the key concepts that form the foundation of the Sismo communication protocol. By unraveling these concepts, you will gain a deeper understanding of how Sismo operates and the technology that powers its communication protocol.

In This Section

In the proceeding pages of this documentation, you will find in-depth explanations of the following technical concepts:
  • Data Groups: Learn about Data Groups, a fundamental building block in the Sismo ecosystem.
  • Vault & Proof Identifiers: This page delves into the concepts of Vault and Proof Identifiers, unique identifiers that prevent double spends and more.
  • Commitment Mapper: An offchain service that facilitates Sismo's zero-knowledge functionality.
  • Proving Schemes: This page outlines the schemes that allow users to prove ownership of personal data using Sismo.
  • Accounts Registry Tree: Learn about how Accounts Registry Trees are used to store available Data Groups.