General FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is the Vault?

The Sismo Vault is an encrypted stash of secrets—accessible only to its owner. Users can privately import accounts into the Vault and store the cryptographic secrets necessary to generate ZK Badges. In essence, the Sismo Vault is analogous to an encrypted password manager—functioning as a UX tool that preserves user privacy. Where password managers store passwords, the Sismo Vault stores cryptographic signatures used for private identity verification on web3.

How is the Sismo Vault stored?

The Sismo Vault is analogous to an encrypted password manager. It only ever exists in its decrypted state in a user’s browser—remaining fully encrypted in an off-chain key-value store API.

What wallets are supported by the Vault?

The Sismo protocol only supports MetaMask and Wallet Connect compatible wallets (e.g: Rainbow).
Smart contract wallets (e.g: Argent, Gnosis Safe Multisig) are not compatible yet, but we are actively working on making them so.

What is a Vault Owner?

A Vault Owner is an imported account that can decrypt your Vault.
By default, all eligible and destination accounts imported into the Vault are set up as owners. This can be modified in the Vault's settings.
By signing in to Sismo with an owner account, you retrieve your entire Vault and all its imported accounts.

What is importing an account?

Importing an account in your Sismo Vault means storing the cryptographic tools necessary to generate ZK Badges.
Whether an account is used as an eligible or destination account, you must generate cryptographic tools (a seed and a commitment) as a first step to later generate the ZK proof. The Vault stores these cryptographic secrets to give users a seamless experience when using Sismo.
  • The seed is generated by signing a message on an account. The seed is used to generate secrets (such as the encryption key of your vault if the account is set as owner or such as commitments needed to generate ZK Badges).
  • The commitment is a secret derived from your seed and address. It allows you to generate ZK proofs from your accounts. (more on this in the Hydra Section).

Why are there two signatures required when importing an account?

It is to generate your seed and commitment—both required to generate ZK proofs

Where can I get a sismo.eth ENS subdomain?

The minting of sismo.eth ENS Subdomains has been put on hold for now.