Offchain Sample Project



In a first terminal:
# clone the repository
git clone
cd sismo-connect-offchain-sample-project
# install frontend / backend dependencies

Start your local application

In a new terminal:
# this will start your Next.js app
# the frontend is available on http://localhost:3000/
# it also starts a local backend
yarn dev
After this command, you will have your local application running on http://localhost:3000.
Running app on http://localhost:3000
To try to register, you will need to add your address in the config.ts file:
// config.ts
// Replace with your address to become eligible for the registration
// make sure to have this address in your Vault
export const yourAddress = "0x855193BCbdbD346B423FF830b507CBf90ecCc90B";
Make sure to import the address you reference in the config.ts file into your Sismo Vault when you try out the sample project application. If it is not done yet when you get redirected, you can add your address by clicking on the purple "connect" button.
Import the address referenced in the config.ts file