Sismo Docs

What are (ZK) Badges?

Import your reputation or history to your wallet
Web3 users are starting to use their wallets as an account log-in to applications. Applications fetch on-chain data related to the user wallets such as ENS name or profile picture.
Badges is a new web3 primitive for users to import their reputation or history to their wallets. It enables them to access gated services or display their reputation in applications that use wallets as login systems (Token-gated Apps, Sign-In With Ethereum applications, Smart contracts)

ZK Badges: privacy preserving Badges

Very simply, ZK Badges enable you to transfer your personal data to your wallet in a privacy preserving way.
For instance if you are part of the Proof of Humanity registry, you can mint one - and only one - Proof of Humanity ZK Badge on a newly created wallet of yours that you will later use to connect to web3 applications to prove you are human without revealing your actual name.
It enables sybil resistant applications, private voting, private airdrops, private groups chats and much more.

Zero Knowledge Proofs and ZK Minting

The minting process involves Zero-Knowledge Proofs which guarantees no one can trace back to the source account used to prove your eligibility for the ZK Badge. The technology used is very similar to tornado cash which enables users to transfer assets privately. Here we transfer data privately.

Non Transferable Tokens / SBTs

Sismo ZK Badges are Non Transferable Tokens (ERC1155), sometimes referred as Soulbound Tokens.
They are attestations such as “I am part of the top 0.1% of Ethereum users”, “I have more than 10k twitter followers” or “I am part of the Proof Of Humanity registry”
Check our live badges: app (curated badges) | playground (permissionless)