Mint a badge from your app
To mint badges from your app, we create a url which redirect your user to your app at the end of the minting flow. 💪

Tutorial use-case: Create your Synaps Liveness Minting flow

To invite your users to mint the Synaps Liveness ZK Badge, you can redirect them to the following url:[30000001]&goBackPath=success
At the end of the flow your users will be redirected to your app on your "/success" page.
Query parameters to customize your flow:
Collection ids of the badge you needs
Pathname of your app where you want to send back the user
Add a title "SISMO x [Your title]"
Text under the "SISMO x [Your title]"
Description of what the user will be able to do with this badge on your platform
Text of the callback button at the end of the flow
And that’s it ! 🎉
By changing the "collectionIds" query parameter you can select badges you need among Sismo existing badges.
If existing Sismo badges don’t fit with your use cases, you can create your own ZK badge in 15 minutes following the next tutorial 💜
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