Badges: Custom gating for your App
It's easy to create custom badges on top of Sismo attestations!
For example: an ERC721 Badge built on top of two attestations certifying membership in the 'ENS DAO voters' groups:
  • one issued by a Public Attester
  • one issued by a ZK attestation
A user can receive this Badge if and only if they demonstrated to be a part of the 'ENS DAO voters' group in one way or another:
function balanceOf(address account) public view virtual override returns (uint256) {
bool hasZKAttestation = ATTESTATIONS_REGISTRY.getAttestationValue(
) > 0;
bool hasPublicAttestation = ATTESTATIONS_REGISTRY.getAttestationValue(
) > 0;
return hasZKAttestation || hasPublicAttestation ? 1 : 0;
Talk to us on discord if you have other ideas for custom Badges :)
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