Attesters: Custom Badge minting rules
Anyone is welcome to propose new attesters. New attesters should be developed when you want to create Attestations (and associated Badges) with you own rules for minting.
If you just want to use our ZK Attester with your own set of data, head to the Group section
  • You are a NFT marketplace and you want that after each mint a Badge is minted? Create an attester and call it from your marketplace contract after the mint.
  • You are developing governance contracts and want to give Badges for every voter? Create an attester and call it in your vote function
  • You are building on lens and would like your followers to receive a badge?
  • You want to distribute Badges from a merkle tree?
  • Many more use cases.
Attesters are the smart contracts that are allowed to mint Badges.
To create you own attester, you must fork our protocol repository and add you own attester that implements the Attester.sol abstract contract.
You are completely free to set your own rules to mint attestations (and associated badges). We advise you to read the full documentation of the Sismo Protocol, especially the Attesters Examples section where you will have concrete examples on how to think about attesters.
This section is minimal and still WIP, please, if you need any help, please Join us on discord!
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